Goal processing personal data

Databalance Services processes personal data to improve their products and services, provide support and send out notifications, offers and promotions.

Databalance Services has the following specific privacy statements:
- Databalance Self Service Portal
- Remote support
- Cookie statement


Exchange of data

In the event that Databalance Services has to share data, including personal data with suppliers and third parties. This happens based on a cooperation agreement or on a legislative basis.


Information about data processing

Databalance Services informs customers when their data is being processed.


Protection of personal data

Databalance Services ensures that appropriate security measures are taken with regard to personal data and that these are in accordance with the applicable legal requirements and guidelines.


Storage period personal data

Databalance Services does not store personal data they are processing for a longer period than is necessary or required by the Public Records Act (Archiefwet).


Your privacy rights

Your entitled to access, change or delete your personal data. You may also restrict the use of your personal data.


You may request Databalance Service to advise you on how your data is being processed. This request is done in writing and will be handled within 4 weeks.


If it appears that your data is incorrect, incomplete or not relevant, then you can place an additional request to have your data altered and/or completed.


You can send written requests to:
Databalance Services B.V.
Inzageverzoek AVG/GDPR
Hopbrouwer 18
5253 RE Nieuwkuijk