Many companies are still running SAP ECC software on premise.
So now it’s time for a change. Stop buying expensive hardware and stop with the management of the environment. You aren’t an IT company, are you?
Let’s move your environment to the cloud. Together with you SAP partner Databalance helps to easily move the environment, into your own private cloud, safely hosted in our privately owned data bunkers in the Netherlands.


The smartest choice

Make your SAP ECC futureproof at Databalance in three steps. Plan these steps with your SAP partner at your own pace.

One: start to migrate your onpremise solution to the cloud and move “as is”.

upgrade your SAP ECC to the latest version.

Three: change your database to the fastest database SAP HANA


With these steps your environment is futureproof. Databalance has the SAP certified hardware and has the knowledge for the management of it. The big advantage of running the latest version in combination with the HANA database is that you are ready to run SAP S/4HANA in the near future.


Databalance runs certified IBM Power systems, combined with IBM Enterprise Flash only storage. These S/4HANA TDI solutions may be adapted according to your needs. Processing power, internal memory or disk space are easy to upgrade, or downgrade, at any time.
These solutions will be provide as managed hosting. Your own private cloud environment, managed by you and or your SAP partner in combination with the SAP gold partner Databalance.
As an SAP PE Services partner, we are able to help you and your SAP partner with the best cloud infrastructure management.


At Databalance you can use various data centers for the deployment of high availability solutions. In addition to the S4/HANA System replication, you can also use our Hyper Swap functionality for ECC environments.